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Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning



Do your recently dry cleaned clothes smell? If so, they were likely cleaned in perchlorethylene - a petroleum-based cleaning solvent that has gained attention from OSHA and the EPA for its health risks. Instead, we use a natural, silicone solvent that is odorless and safe for you and your clothes. Here at Red Cleaners we are committed to the safety of our customers, our workers, and our world. 


Tailoring & Alteration



Our highly skilled and knowledgeable tailors take care of everything, from minor mending to major restyling. Our expert tailors have decades of experience working on many couture labels. They know how to handle fine fabrics and delicate decorations. Our professionals perform all alterations on-site at our location, taking great pride in the services they provide for each and every customer.

Ugg Cleaning


Keep your Uggs clean until next winter. We provide profesional Ugg cleaning service. 

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